Friday, January 15, 2010

The Animals of Rome

By now I think you might be able to tell that I LOVE animals. Every where I go, I tend to always notice them, whether they are real or pieces of art. In Rome, we had plenty to see---both beautiful works of art as well as the real thing.

One of Maddy's favorite spots was the cat sanctuary that is located amongst some ancient ruins in the middle of the city. There were some 300 cats (all spayed, neutered, and vaccinated) living and playing in the spot where ancient temples once stood. They are fed through donations to the animal shelter, and are adoptable. It was fun to try and spot them as they wandered around.
This is the spot where the cats lived-----pretty cool, huh?
We also visited the Roman zoo, where we spotted some unusual lemurs along with some typical favorites.

A man and his four dogs on the bridge. I noticed how well behaved the dogs were, and also noticed how they all looked like purebreds-----a Bullmastiff, German Shepherd, Dachshund, and Vizla!!

We also visited the Vatican museum, where they had an incredible collection of sculpture, which included several sighthounds.

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Tarmar said...

I do the same thing when I travel. I am especially always on the lookout for sighthound art!